Meadow Brook Hall in Rochester MI

Meadow Brook Hall Rochester Michigan

350 Estate Drive, Rochester, MI 48309 The Location of Meadow Brook Hall: Meadow Brook Hall is a mansion with a Tudor revival style located at the 480 South Adams Road in Rochester Hills, Michigan. The address for Meadow Brook Hall is 350 Estate Drive, Rochester, MI 48309. The hall sits on a 124 acre piece of land. The hall is situated inside Oakland University.

Meadow Brook Hall

Rochester Hills – Meadow Brook Hall was built by architect William Kapp from the design created Designers Hinchman, Grylls, and Smith. The hall has a Tudor-revival manor design and its construction cost over $4 million. Building furnishing of the Meadow Brook Hall began and ended in 1926 and 1929 respectively. Meadow Brook hall faced millions in damages from bats roosting in the attic area. To provide remediation for this, Oakland County bat removal services were called to get rid of the bats, remove guano and provide attic clean out services.

History of Meadow Brook Hall

Meadow Brook Hall in Rochester Hills MI is a National Landmark of the US history for it is the historic home of the most remarkable women’s (Matilda Dodge Wilson) automotive aristocracy. It was also a historic home of the automotive pioneer John F. Dodge, Matilda’s husband and their four children. The hall in Rochester Hills exists as an indirect result if the good fortune and achievement of the family and tragic death of Matilda’s first husband John F. Dodge, Dodge Brothers Motor Car Company’s co-founder in 1920. In the year 1957, the Wilson family donated its collection, their residence, the 1,500 acres of the estate and $2 million to the currently known Oakland University. In 1971, the university declared Meadow Brook Hall open to the public after the death of Matilda.

Interior Design and decoration of Meadow Brook Hall

In the United States of America, Rochester Hills’ Meadow Brook Hall is ranked as the fourth largest historic house museum. The hall has 88,000 sq ft and has exactly 110 rooms. It was named a National Landmark of the United States in the year 2012 and is currently considered the best example of Tudor-revival of the architecture of America in the country. Meadow Brook Hall is decorated with stone elements and carved wood, Tiffany stained glass, ornate plaster ceiling, fire art and custom-made hardware. The collection of Meadow Brook Hall includes; 75,000 pieces of furniture, ceramics, silver, art, glass, costumes and textiles. The manor has 39 brick chimneys that are uniquely designed that line its rooftop and 24 fireplaces.

Meadow Brook Hall as a Tourism Attraction Site in Rochester Hills, MI

Currently, Meadow Brook Hall receives over 70,000 visitors from different parts of the world each year to participate in, educational programs, tours and other special events. Meadow Brook Hall also offers researchers and tourists with a sense of tradition for the University of Oakland. It is also used as for scholarship, research and training by faculty and students. As United States National Historic Landmark, the Hall aims at preserving and interpreting its landscape, architecture, and decorative art for visitors to be educated, entertained, and inspired by the state’s history.

Parking at Meadow Brook Hall

Meadow Brook Hall has an humble parking for its customers and visitors that is free and available. The parking lot of Meadow Brook Hall is adjacent to the courtyard of Meadow Brook Hall. There is no space for parking at the front circle of Meadow Brook Hall’s main entrance and in the courtyard. The Museum store of Meadow Brook Hall is open from 11.00 am to 4.00 pm every day.


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