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Do you know that having raccoons in your home can be a health hazard if not well taken care of? Well, raccoons are known to leave feces and also urine which could bring about sickness if not handled well and this is due to the reason that they are hosts of the roundworm scientifically known as Baylisascaris Procyanis. These roundworms eggs are usually found in the feces and if consumed they may can cause health problems, therefore it’s important that when you notice the feces within your home to first call a professional.

We offer clean up services for raccoon feces and we believe we are the best in this profession. This is due to our competent team which is well trained to perform diagnosis and deliver the best solution there is.

So what are the health risks brought about by raccoon feces?

Raccoon roundworms can bring about diseases to both you and your pets if you come into contact with them. Contacting these diseases happens through ingesting or inhaling the eggs. For humans this leads to larval parasites thus affecting the central nervous system in the body. As professionals who are well trained for our job we make sure that never happens.

What do we do?

1. Home Raccoon Damage Assessment and Diagnosis

Through performing a thorough diagnosis we are able to know where the problem is. From there we perform an assessment of your home; this is to find out ways through which the raccoons are gaining access to your compound. From that point we are able to offer a top notch solution. Our well organized team with the right skills is able to perform this with great precaution.

2. Attic Clean Outs and Clearing

Raccoons may live their latrines in any part of your house, starting from the ceiling to the empty shelves of your garage. Clearing and clearing requires great precaution. This is made possible through our protective disposable gear. Secondly we use chemicals that are less harmful to your health. After cleaning our next step is to clear the damages caused by the feces and urine, this is through removal of damages and blocking the raccoon routes in your house. You can always be sure that once we do our cleaning, raccoon feces won’t be a problem anymore.

3. Raccoon Prevention and Exclusion Services

As part of our work, we always make sure we leave our clients with some knowledge on how to handle such cases if they ever happen. Our main goal here is to enlighten our customers further. We do this by advising them on best designs and also building materials that can best be used to construct homes in order to prevent future raccoon intrusions. Through our experience we are able to know the potential entry points in your home and safely secure them to avoid infestations in the future to come.

As we continue to share our habitat with wild animals, protection of our homes becomes more important. Raccoons can be dangerous to your home and it’s always a good idea to practice precaution before you can engage in the cleaning process. Secondly professionals will always do it the best without risks. We believe that we are the best and our attic clean out services and we are comparable to none.


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