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Wildlife Control Services

LANSING BAT REMOVAL We pride ourselves on a 100% success rate in the live removal of bats from buildings in Michigan. INSPECTION We inspect the building and property to fully understand the cause of the wildlife issue. This may involve some dismantling, for example, the removal of drywall behind which a dead carcass is located. For the welfare of your situation, and the squirrels, in some cases it's best to hire a pro. We can trap and remove them without them spraying. Lansing wildlife removal company services Lansing, MI. A frantic animal (squirrel, raccoon, bat, etc. Certain animals can wreak havoc on your yard, specifically moles, wolves. If you need assistance with a domestic animal, such as a dog or a cat, you need to call your local Oakland county animal services for assistance.

Rabid Skunk Identification

Animal In Attic Removal

Then once the animal is trapped, it must be removed and dealt with in the proper manner according to Michigan law. They can help you out with issues such as stray dogs, stray cats, spay & neuter programs, vaccinations, licenses, pet adoption, bite reports, deceased pets, lost pets, local animal complaints and to report neglected or abused animals. Small sparrows and blackbirds have been known to create bird nests in attic spaces that can span across the entire length of the attic and up to 4-5 feet in height. We provide a variety of related services, ranging from installation of rat walls and bird guards to removal and replacement of insulation damaged by animal droppings to advice on filing insurance claims for property damaged by animals. We remove 100% of the bat colony and seal the building so that it's totally bat-proof. The raised ridges you see are surface tunnels. Immediate Full Service Animal Trapping Solutions Michigan wildlife don't take weekends off, and neither do we. For West Bloomfield pest control of wildlife, just give us a call and we will discuss your wildlife problem and schedule an appointment to solve it.