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Platinum Wildlife Removal Of Frenchtown Twp, Michigan

Common Nuisance Wildlife Control Problems in Frenchtown Twp, MI

Frenchtown Twp raccoon removal

Guaranteed Wildlife Exclusion And Animal Damage Repairs

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  • Live Trapping Raccoons

  • Squirrel Damage Repair

  • Raccoon Removal & Control

  • How to Get Rid of Raccoons From A Home Humanely

  • Getting Rid of Skunks

  • Bat Extermination Services

  • How to Use One-way Exclusion Funnels to Remove Skunks

  • Is Skunk Feces Dangerous to Touch or Breathe?

  • Skunk Trapping & Control

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Nuisance Wildlife Control Services

Bird Repellent Netting

Examples include Michigan bat control and removal. They break into attics, destroy property, eat garbage, and more. to pest proof affected areas, secure livestock from predation, provide Canada goose control, control of digging animals in cemeteries, etc. This often involves habitat modification to make your property, once an attractive home to wildlife, less prone to pests. If the dead animal(s) is within the architecture of your house I can find its location and remove it. Including pest removal of critters, eviction, exclusion, wildlife prevention, structural damage and attic restoration without killing any animals. When hiring a company to solve your wild animal problem, you want these features: Oakland County animal services does not handle any wildlife issues. Offers cleanup of biohazardous wildlife waste

What Does Bat Poop Look Like?

Pest Control

Safety is a concern. Damaged insulation from bat droppings and raccoon trampling or feces can raise energy costs up to 50%. They also perform general wildlife trapping services, such as the capture and removal of skunks or opossums on the property. But our specialty is West Bloomfield bat removal. We are a private owned company and not county animal control officers. When should homeowners call pest control? Platinum Wildlife Removal does both. Skunks commonly live under sheds or decks, and set up a den. Make sure trees are trimmed so no branches work as drawbridges to your roof.