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Platinum Wildlife Removal is a full-service West Bloomfield wildlife removal company. Ortonville skunk removal What are the things that the average wild animal needs? A source of water, a source of food, and somewhere warm and dry to rest it's head or raise a small family. Leave the dirty work to us! The pest control companies spray poison to kill insects. Call us today for immediate wild help. We offer humane trapping solutions, wildlife relocation, animal exclusion work, raccoon damage repair and clean up, skunk trapping, squirrel control, dead animal removal, bat removal solutions, opossum removal, bird nest removal and prevention, and much more. Our wildlife control technicians are ready and available 24 hours a day for emergency wildlife removal needs. Oakland County Animal Services or Humane Society: 313-224-6323 Oakland County bird in vent removal Lansing Opossum or Skunk Removal We trap a wide variety of pest animals, from possums, to skunks, and more. We provide a variety of related services, ranging from installation of rat walls and bird guards to removal and replacement of insulation damaged by animal droppings to advice on filing insurance claims for property damaged by animals. Raccoon removal Clarkston MI There is no area Professional Wildlife Removal Services Animal Control can’t reach. Invariably, these animals cause damage. Many home owners may be unaware that they even have an unwanted visitor in their home if not for the noise.

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Squirrels are no exception. They possess licensing that allows them to do certain types of work legally, that non-licensed homeowners in the state of Michigan are not allowed to do. Our repairs are professional grade and backed by warranty. LANSING RODENT CONTROL We know a permanent way to get rid of rats or mice. We specialize in urban and suburban wildlife damage management for both residential and commercial customers. Then all the rodents must be physically trapped and removed. Trap type is very important and there are many different types, bait is somewhat relevant, trap placement is vital, and there are dozens of small things that are very important to know. Rivers and lakes dotted throughout Lansing, MI, help to form its unique ecosystem. The raised ridges you see are surface tunnels.

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I've done research on such companies, to get to know them, and feel confident recommending their services. ATTIC CLEANUP When necessary, we thoroughly clean and decontaminate your attic, to prevent mold, pathogens, and odors. Eliminate all moles, and stop them from coming back! I have dealt with all animals in all situations, and am aware of the proper methods of capturing the target animals only. Since birds are small and undetectable, they steadily build and build their nests until you start smelling odors, see bird mites or even worse have drywall damage. Damaged attic insulation is a big problem. West Bloomfield Wildlife Removal Tip: How to keep squirrels out of your house: The way to stop squirrels gaining access to your home is to make it as less attractive as you can. You find mole tunnels all over your yard. An animal has entered your house and can’t get out.