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The Best Professional Cannon Twp Michigan Wildlife Control Company

Are you hearing scratching in your attic or noise on your roof. Typically this is the cause of nuisance wildlife either inside your attic or trying to make their way in. Problem wildlife will not only cause issues up high, nuisance animals will strike high and low trying to find the safest place to live. This means skunks under your deck, stoop and shed. Raccoons living under the shed, inside the garage and inside of your chimney. Squirrels inside chimneys, garage rafters and even cooking grills. Wildlife are extremely adaptive and will make use of whatever is available to survive and stay safe.

If you are in need of Cannon Twp, MI wildlife removal services, there is a few things you may want to know about the over all trapping and wildlife control process. We offer trapping services along with a list of various services to better serve homeowners for their every wildlife management need. This includes but is not limited to, dead animal removal, bird nesting removal, bat exclusion services, animal proofing, feces clean up, damage repairs, odor management, animals in window wells, wildlife removal from chimneys and the list goes on. Our decades of experience make us the perfect choice for any and all Cannon Twp wildlife removal situations.

If you describe your problem in detail, I can provide an estimate. The above are just some of the services offered by Platinum Wildlife Removal. The primary culprits are raccoons, squirrels, rats, bats, and mice, but other creatures may be at work. These predators are known to attack unattended livestock and pets. Founded in 2006, our company blends the best elements of the pest control and animal removal industries to provide you with top notch service to handle you nuisance wildlife problem. Attic dwelling animals leave behind biohazardous waste. Platinum Wildlife Removal also provides dead animal removal in Cannon Twp. Bat removal in Cannon Twp is Platinum Wildlife’s speciality. We also do squirrel trapping near you. Or perhaps an animal is loose in your house and causing damage? We can help with that too.

Cannon Twp Michigan is full of wildlife, and is also full of people which makes encounters more and more common. Some frequent questions we get are:

  • How much does wildlife removal cost?
  • Where do you set the traps?
  • What kind of bat for you use?
  • How do you keep from getting sprayed?
  • Have you ever been sprayed?
  • How do you remove skunk odor, tomato juice?
  • What do you do with the animal?

The cost of wildlife removal can truly range as there is no one set price that can meet the needs of hundreds of nuisance wildlife scenarios. After a phone consultation to determine your exact needs, we can better gauge a price for handing your issue. Trapping costs are typically are set price unless the area is unsafe or has limited access forcing us to use alternate or modified methods to trap the animals. Dead animal removal can also vary as animals tend to die in some very inaccessible places or will die right on your lawn. Size and disposal will also play a role. Animal proofing costs will vary depending on the location of the area if up high, if there are rocks, roots or bushes to deal with if on the ground and what the size of the area is that we are excluding to wildlife. As you can see, the cost of Cannon Twp wildlife removal really is a tailored price to your exact needs.

With raccoons traps can be set on the roof, on the ground where they are gaining access and also inside the attic if need be. Each has its pros and cons. Setting up for squirrel removal or raccoon traps on the roof means it must be secured down by screwing to the roof. Of course, all holes are properly sealed after the trapping has been completed. Raccoon removal that is done inside an attic, can also bring its own set of issues. When a raccoon has been caught and needs to be brought down and through the home, it can potentially be messy. Raccoon urinate when they are afraid, they can usually have feces in the cage, can cut themselves on the steel, and loose hair and they rub against the cage. This means you can have blood, hair, urine and raccoon feces trailing into your home if the trap has not been contained tightly. For squirrels, attic traps work wonderful as they don’t really present all of the issue raccoons do. Traps set on the ground for raccoon where they are climbing up can be effective but they can also catch random animals that find the bait first. Skunk traps are set at the den site, which is most effective for quick capture.

Many are interested in the bait we use. For squirrels, peanut butter is usually the bait of choice as it has a strong odor and lasts quite a while. Raccoon will eat almost anything, so anything from cat food and sardines to marshmallows are used depending on the time of year and situation. Skunk are omnivores as well so cat food, sardines and carrots are all baits that are used to catch them.

We do get sprayed from time to time when providing Mice Removal and while there is no way to keep a skunk from spraying, patience and experience can calm a skunk’s nerves to keep it from spraying. When we are sprayed, baking soda, peroxide and dish soap is the only solution that breaks down all 3 molecules of skunk odor. Tomato juice is an internet tale.

Cannon Twp Michigan wildlife removal services have various laws that govern what is done with the species of each animal. While some have to be euthanized by Michigan state law, others are able to be relocated.

If you are looking for Cannon Twp Michigan nuisance animal trapping services for problem wildlife, give us a call today. We can solve all of your bat, bird, squirrel, skunk, raccoon, groundhog, muskrat, opossum, mice, rats and other problems with experience and effective methods that are humane and safe.

Information About Squirrels Vision And How They Can Avoid Predators

Those cute little rodents that greet us daily in our backyards, called squirrels, are actually a vital part of the eco-system on planet earth. Some might be surprised to learn that many trees rely on the seed saving habits of squirrels to actually plant their seeds throughout the forest. It’s an amazing, almost symbiotic relationship that many trees, especially those with large, heavy seeds, have with squirrels. Here are some other interesting facts about squirrels, their food, and information about squirrels vision, as well.

Squirrels Can Eat Just About Anything, And They Do

In their natural habitats, the many different varieties of squirrels can be found eating a wide range of foods. Many of them eat nuts and seeds, since there are plenty of those in most places. However, they are also fond of fungi, like mushrooms, and many vegetables as well. They also love fruits when in season, and can be found scrummaging through waste bins at the local parks for leftover human foods too. They seem to really like bread, hamburgers, French fries, apples, and pet food, when it’s available.

Some people will find squirrels to be nuisances when they get into an attic, or backyard bird feeders. In an attic invasion, it’s best to take immediate action to evict them and block their re-entry. They can eat the outer casings of electrical wires and cause problems that are expensive to repair.

As far as keeping them out of your backyard bird feeder, there are several ways you can block their access, either on the pole, so they can’t climb up, or at the feeder so there is no food access. However, since they are quite friendly, many people prefer to leave some food out for their squirrel friends too.

How Well Can Squirrels See?

Squirrels are the preferred food of several different types of predators. Of course, house cats love to eat squirrels, and so do wild cats, bobcats, coyotes, owls, hawks, and anything else that can catch them. For those reasons, squirrels must be ever vigilant for predators in the forest and in your neighborhood.

When you look for information about squirrels vision, you’ll find that their eyes are perfectly placed on the sides of their heads so that they can see on both sides simultaneously. That way, if any predators are approaching from nearly any direction, they can see them without turning their head. They also are finely tuned, or wired you might say, to watch for moving objects so that they can flee to the trees quickly.

This type of reaction is necessary since many of the animals that eat squirrels are prolific hunters, whether in the forest or neighborhood. Cats especially, wait until a squirrel lands on the ground, where it is most vulnerable, to make its move.

If you like to have squirrels visiting your backyard feeder, the safest way for them is to have tree branch access. That way they can leap and jump from limb to limb and get to your feeder without crawling on the ground. Anytime they are on the ground they are very vulnerable to local cats. Luckily their all around vision gives them a small advantage or they would be easy prey for many predators.

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