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Having bats in your house can be a scary, annoying, or even just plain disgusting experience, but it is not the bat’s intention to cause these unwanted feelings. Rather, they are looking for a nice place to nest and have found your house the most comfortable. In any case, you still want to get rid of bats. But before you start swinging at them with your old dusty tennis racket, there are a few things that you should know about bats and why our bat removal will be needed to remove them.

Bats are a common animal in the US, and finding them nesting in houses is a common occurrence. There are many species of bats around the US, some species being considered endangered. They like to congregate in groups called bat colonies. A single bat may not be so much of an issue, but a colony is another story. They like to feed on flying insects, though they are not too picky, and they leave their droppings, or bat guano, all over your attic, which is where you will generally find them in houses. And as if knowing that droppings all over your attic isn’t bad enough, the droppings can actually be dangerous when the histoplasmosis fungus grows on them. The fungus spreads spores which are toxic to humans. And though bats are generally non-aggressive towards humans, some of them can carry the rabies virus which, if bitten by an infected bat, can lead you to a series of four painful shots over a period of 2 weeks.

Our bat removal services aim at preventing all of these unwanted issues. And rather than coming in and exterminating everything, which only leaves dead bats and a rotting stench in your home, our bat removal services use a more humane, safe and effective approach. We first inspect the home to assess the severity of the situation and see approximately how many bats we are possibly dealing with. Once we have an idea of the conditions, we then start with the bat removal process. The process involves installation of one-way doors which allow bats to leave the house through the door and makes sure those pesky flying rats stay out. The door will remain installed for a period of time, generally a week, after which we reassess if bats still remain. Though we may find no more bats, the door remains for still some time longer to fully ensure that bats are removed from the premises. The last step is the optional, though very highly recommended, removal of bat guano, which will leave your house free of stench and safe from airborne toxins and bacteria.

Prices for our bat removal services typically range from hundreds to several thousand dollars for a normal sized house, with larger houses and commercial buildings generally costing more.

Our bat exclusion services will leave your house in the condition it was in before the infestation. That way you can carry on with your life and focus on the things that really matter, knowing full well that you and your family are safe from disease and your house fresh and clean from bats.


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