The City of Sterling Heights Michigan


Sterling Heights Michigan is a city located at the USA in the state of Michigan. It is one of the suburbs found in Detroit with a population census of about 130, 000 people as at the 2010 census. It is apparently second in place in Metro Detroit as a suburb and placed at the fourth place in the state of Michigan. It covers an area of about 95.31 km squared whereby 94.56 km squared is covered by land whereas the rest of the 0.75 km squared by water.

Sterling Heights CityHistory

It was brought up to become a city in the year 1968 where it was previously branded or given a township name. Sterling Heights Michigan’s first mayor was Gerald Donovan. The name “Heights” was later included so as it could conform to the laws of the state which during the day prevented incorporated municipalities from sharing a similar name.


Sterling Heights Michigan has been dependably ranked safest in Michigan with extraordinary neighborhoods, a world-class level library, a couple of lush parks, with presumably low taxes and levels of crime rates.


Sterling Heights Michigan has been proclaimed to have been one of the few most eligible places to raise a family. Sterling Heights Michigan comprises of about 3500 commercial and industrial organizations and industries which makes it a really great place to set up a business. Another thing that makes it a powerhouse of many activities is that’s its quite close to Downtown Detroit which is only about 30 minutes to the northeast.


With Sterling Heights Michigan currently attracting more than 100,000 people due to the Sterling fest Art and Jazz Fair, we could say its a pretty good city with nonstop entertainment. Sterling Heights Michigan is also an educational city being served by two schools in the county. Sterling Heights Michigan has three newspapers that run the city two of which are given free to the residents.

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