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The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Wildlife Removal Service

Whether you’re living in the city or in the country, your home is bound to be invaded by wild animals. Depending on the removal method you apply, the wild animal can either cause damage to your property or not. That’s why it’s advisable to hire a professional wildlife removal service. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy from hiring a wildlife removal service.

• Proper Removal Methods �” Although they are wild animals in your home, you need to remove them properly. In some states, killing wild animals is illegal and that’s where a wildlife removal service comes in handy. They have been handling such removals for a long time and understand the laws regulating wildlife removal from residential or commercial property. Additionally, they will use humane removal methods by capturing the animal and releasing it elsewhere safely.

• Saving Time �” Whether your home has been infested with bats, raccoons or any other wild animals, you might have a hard time pinpointing their exact location. Well, wildlife removal companies know where most of these animals frequent and will save a lot of time. They can easily find the bat’s nest in your home and remove it carefully and prevent the animals from returning.

• Proper Wildlife Removal Tools �” Creating your own traps and snares can be harmful to the animals you’re trying to capture. That’s why you’re always advised to hire a professional animal control company. They have been in the business for a long time and understand the right and wrong way to remove animals from homesteads and commercial properties. On the other hand, they have the right tools to facilitate their trade effortlessly without any danger to the animal.

• Experience �” When you hire a wildlife removal company, you’re in the best hands. Since this is their forte, they have enough experience to handle the removal of any wild animal in your home. Additionally, they understand the various species that are most likely going to invade your home and can provide preventative measures. That’s why you’re always advised to hire an animal control company that has been around for a long time.

• Repairing Damage �” Any wild animals invading your home such as termites, bats or raccoons are likely going to leave a lot of damage in their wake. That’s why you need to hire an animal control company that helps you with repairing the damage left behind by these wild animals. For instance, if bats have invaded your ceiling, they are likely going to cause a lot of damage to your roof. Therefore, the animal control company will inspect these areas and repair the damaged areas as well as install any preventative measures to prevent further infestations.

• Preventative Measures – If wild animals have come to your home the first time, they are bound to come back. That’s why you need to repair all the likely entry points to prevent further infestations. Additionally they can add some non toxic chemicals to prevent the wild animals from coming back.

Do Bats Have Sharp Teeth?

Bats are normally epitomized as having sharp, pointy fangs but this is a bit of a misconception as not all bat species have these fangs. But do bats have sharp teeth?

A variety of different studies conducted over the past few decades have found that all bats do have sharp teeth, even those that don’t have fangs. Let’s look at the different eating habits of the different species and how this affects the sharpness of their teeth.

1. Frugivore

These are fruit eating bats and some species may have fangs but the teeth are mainly rough and rugged molars with sharp edges used to bite and chew fruit. The chewing process is primarily used to extract the juice from the fruit and the remainder of the fruit is then spat out. This is because bats cannot digest fiber.

2. Omnivorous

These are bats that eat fruit as well as insects and even small mammals and have sharp molars to shear their food as well as pointy fangs. Once again, the pulp from fruit is ejected and only the juice swallowed whereas insects, high in protein are digested.

3. Insectivorous

Bats that feed exclusively on insects have similar teeth to the omnivores with sharper edges but have smaller mouths than either of the other species. All food eaten by these bats are chewed and swallowed and the teeth are not used to just extract the juice.

4. Hemaptophagy

Called vampire bats, this species uses their sharp fangs to pierce the skin of mammals and then lap up the blood that flows. An enzyme in the bat saliva prevents the blood from clotting while the bat feeds.

So do bats have sharp teeth? In general, all species of bats have sharp teeth and can give a painful if not serious bite.

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