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Learn 5 Questions To Ask When Looking For A Wildlife Control Company

If you are the owner of a home, then you have a place to call all your own. Here, you can hopefully live in peace and quiet with those that you love. Unfortunately, the day might come that you need to call in a professional wildlife control company to deal with a visitor you don’t want on your property. Yet, how do you go about choosing the best one around? From one business to the next, you’re going to see differences in anything from the preferred methods and techniques to the very physical traps they use. It’s crucial that you get someone out as soon as you can to handle your situation, but picking the right one matters greatly since you not only want the problem solved, but you also should see to it that future issues are also prevented if at all possible while you’re at it.

Keep reading to learn 5 things to ask when you’re looking for a wildlife control company:

1) Do You Have Various Services For Multiple Species Or Do You Only Handle One? Some companies handle mice, insects, and other pests, but another might only involve itself with bees and hives. You should build up a good working relationship with whoever your provider is just in case you have more occurrences in the future. Your preferred provider should be able to handle it all.

2) What Service Credentials Do You Have? Most every state and/or municipality is going to have rules and regulations regarding wildlife control, trapping, and disposal, human or otherwise. The agents of any business need to be certified and licensed for the area they are working in. More than that, they should be properly educated and experienced in dealing with the specific wildlife issues you’re facing. Anyone can catch an animal or kill it and call themselves a professional, but certifications are the real standards in the industry.

3) Do You Have Follow-Up Services? A wildlife intrusion can mean substantial damage to your property and home. So, it’s useful to deal with a wildlife control company that has options for cleaning up after the fact, repairing attic damage, replacing insulation, and the like. You’ll, unfortunately, find that some wildlife control services only focus on capturing and killing animals, whereas others have preventative and recovery services on top of handling the acute issue at hand.

4) What Tools And/Or Tactics Are You Going To Use? You’ll be shocked and disappointed to find out that some professionals out there have rather thin playbooks. They carry their few things in their car trunk, their truck, or in their van, and roll up to calls that fit them to make some easy money. Given that wildlife control will happen on your property, you should have some say in how exactly things go down, especially if you have concerns or beliefs about humane treatment or concern for your kids. Go with someone that has options you can pick from.

5) How Large Is Your Staff? Some wildlife control businesses are in truth just one or two people. That could mean you wait a long while before getting help if others are also having issues.

It’s unfortunately possible to spend hours looking up various wildlife control company possibilities in your area. It’s best to use online reviews and previous client feedback to see who is already thought highly of in your local community. Starting off your search that way will speed things up, even if you ask each possibility the 5 questions listed here, and then some.

Accurate Madagascan Fruit Bat Information

Accurate Madagascan fruit bat information can easily be found on the Internet. This particular bat comes from the species Pteropodidae and is found primarily in Madagascar. The IUCN has listed the Madagascan fruit bat as vulnerable. The reason for this listing is because of the bats being hunted continuously for bushmeat.

The fruit bat is located in inland high plateau and coastal plain areas of Madagascar. Even if there are certain areas where the bat has not been recorded it may be due to the fact that the bat has not been observed as opposed to being absent from the area. The bat needs caves and suitable rock fissures so as to roost during the day. A colony can be as small as 10 and as high as 500.

Bat droppings show that the primary foods for the Madagascan fruit bat are various fruits and the flowers of the eucalyptus plant. The bat is responsible for helping with germination of plants that have seeds smaller than 7 mm. When there is not adequate fruit available the bat will feed on nectar from the rare baobab flowers. Each year the female bat will produce a single offspring. Unfortunately, this slow reproductive number makes the fruit bat susceptible to overhunting.

Madagascan fruit bat information from the government includes a law that states that hunting will be allowed only between the months of May and August. It is sad to say that this legislation is widely disregarded which means that the fruit bat is hunted throughout the year. It is also sad to say that some bat colonies have been completely destroyed.

There are certain animal associations that have helped to re-colonize and protect these bats throughout the country. The Madagascan fruit bat is very adaptable and if a food source disappears it will change its diet and locate other sources.

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