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Our company specializes in the removal of unwanted wildlife from property, houses, and attics. The goal is not to eliminate every animal in the neighborhood, just the target ones causing you the headaches. Specializes in wildlife removal, not pest control We provide a variety of related services, ranging from installation of rat walls and bird guards to removal and replacement of insulation damaged by animal droppings to advice on filing insurance claims for property damaged by animals. We Can Solve It! FULL-SERVICE LANSING WILDLIFE COMPANY: We pride ourselves on being the most thorough and complete wildlife removal in Lansing. Certain animals may spend their time crawling around (and doing other things) in their newfound home (your attic, soffits, walls, garage, etc. One of the most common complaints involving nuisance wildlife is the noise they can produce in a home. Attic dwelling animals leave behind biohazardous waste.

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Wildlife removal is the trapping and removal of nuisance wildlife, as well as the exclusion of unwanted wildlife from homes and structures. This Michigan animal control directory lists the phone numbers of professional wildlife removal experts throughout MI. Michigan also has a documented problem with bats in buildings, and Platinum Wildlife Removal is specially trained in bat removal. I have found a professional company in Lansing, Michigan that handles problems with wildlife. There is no free West Bloomfield animal control for wildlife issues. Once captured, the animals will be released at an approved area far from the capture site, or euthanized in a humane manner, as the situation dictates. We offer West Bloomfield raccoon removal. Platinum Wildlife Removal does both. This may involve some dismantling, for example, the removal of drywall behind which a dead carcass is located.