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We look forward to hearing from you! Platinum Wildlife Removal performs a full inspection of the home or property, and determines why the animal(s) are there, and if inside a building, how the animals got inside. We also trap and remove animals that destroy lawns, such as moles, or digging animals. We offer West Bloomfield raccoon removal. Professional Wildlife Removal Services: Wildlife capture and removal is of course, an essential part of nuisance wildlife control. Certain animals can wreak havoc on your yard, specifically moles, wolves. We offer many other services in addition to the above listed. Digging Lawn or Under House? If your city is not on our map, consult your local blue pages.

Raccoon Repellents

Raccoon Removal Service

Examples include Michigan bat control and removal. Call us today if you need an insulation contractor to provide insulation remediation due to bat and raccoon damages. All animals (including rodents) are trapped and removed, or if possible, removed from the building using special exclusion devices. The bat droppings are often corrosive and cause health risks. Ensure that animals don’t get back in! A couple of times per year, have a good once-over of your home and be critical about it too. These predators are known to attack unattended livestock and pets. While most people appreciate nature, they do not always appreciate the destruction of property, disturbance of peace, or health risks that wild animals in and around the home cause. For West Bloomfield pest control of wildlife, just give us a call and we will discuss your wildlife problem and schedule an appointment to solve it.