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To learn more about us, visit our website. Keep up with maintenance and fill or seal holes and repair broken guttering, sidings, vents, windows, etc. When wildlife has managed to end up in a place needing rescue, we are here to help. West Bloomfield wildlife trapping it's not as simple as it may seem. To learn more about us, visit our website. Dead Animal Removal Our highly qualified animal control teams can handle nearly any wildlife control issue in the Lansing MI area with the help of our unique accumulation of expert knowledge. Make sure those animals can’t get back in! We most commonly deal with animals in the home, such as rats or mice in the attic, or raccoons in the chimney.

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We also trap and remove animals that destroy lawns, such as moles, or digging animals. Install heavy gauge wire mesh around perimeter of deck (and into the ground). Founded in 2006, our company blends the best elements of the pest control and animal removal industries to provide you with top notch service to handle you nuisance wildlife problem. Their excrement is a primary source of odor problems, and often quite noticeable if an animal has taken up residence somewhere in your home. Ensure that animals don’t get back in! Fully Michigan and Oakland County licensed and insured The bat droppings are often corrosive and cause health risks. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Close up a hole in a side vent that squirrels have chewed through.