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Wildlife Removal Services

HUMANE WILDLIFE TRAPPING Most jobs call for the capture and removal of animals. Our specially trained technicians have the specific knowledge and equipment necessary for Michigan wildlife management. Removing animals from attics is very complex work, partly because of the presence of baby animals. Call today for bird spikes, professional bird netting, bird barriers, deterrent systems and proofing of vents. Animal Removal Services The scurrying scratching, chewing, or vocal noise that you hear may be most unwelcome, particularly from nocturnal animals. We handle nearly all aspects of wildlife control, and resolve conflicts between people and wildlife in a humane and professional manner. Read more about how to get rid of raccoons. If an animal has died on your property and you do not wish to dispose of it yourself due to health concerns or other reasons, I can remove it for you and dispose of it in a proper manner for a small service fee.

Raccoon in the House - if the Animal is Anywhere Inside Your House

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Platinum Wildlife Removal is a full-service West Bloomfield wildlife removal company. These nuisance wildlife control operators deal with conflicts between people and wildlife such as squirrels living in an attic, or raccoons digging through the trash can. Make sure trees are trimmed so no branches work as drawbridges to your roof. You find mole tunnels all over your yard. Dead animals attract all matter of vermin and disease, not to mention new nuisance animals which wish to feed on the carcass. We control or get rid of squirrels, raccoons, skunks, bats, mice, rats, groundhogs and all other nuisance wildlife. Trap type is very important and there are many different types, bait is somewhat relevant, trap placement is vital, and there are dozens of small things that are very important to know. Fully Michigan and Oakland County licensed and insured LANSING RODENT CONTROL We know a permanent way to get rid of rats or mice.