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FULL-SERVICE LANSING WILDLIFE COMPANY: We pride ourselves on being the most thorough and complete wildlife removal in Lansing. We offer many other services in addition to the above listed. From risky raccoon removal to basic bird control, we conduct each job under the highest of humane animal-handling standards. For example some wildlife have found that attics make great places to live. When hiring a company to solve your wild animal problem, you want these features: Our company specializes in the removal of unwanted wildlife from property, houses, and attics. Remove unwanted smell caused by uninvited animals! But our specialty is West Bloomfield bat removal. A frantic animal (squirrel, raccoon, bat, etc.

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If you are in an emergency situation, I can come at any time, day or night, as quickly as possible. Their excrement is a primary source of odor problems, and often quite noticeable if an animal has taken up residence somewhere in your home. Works 7 days per week (critters don't take weekends off) Alter the habitat that attracts snakes and apply snake repellant. Fully Michigan and Oakland County licensed and insured Typically, municipal animal control services do not handle wildlife, just as we do not handle cats and dogs. Unwanted Wildlife on Property? Professional Wildlife Removal Services can catch the voles and treat your property so that new ones won’t come in. As soon as they are aware that there is a critter issue.