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Rodents, like squirrels and rats, love to chew on electrical wires once in an attic, and this causes a serious fire hazard. Call us to discuss your critter problem and schedule a same-day or next-day appointment. Attic dwelling animals leave behind biohazardous waste. When wildlife has managed to end up in a place needing rescue, we are here to help. Alter the habitat that attracts snakes and apply snake repellant. Animal Removal Services FULL-SERVICE LANSING WILDLIFE COMPANY: We pride ourselves on being the most thorough and complete wildlife removal in Lansing. Read about how to get rid of opossums. Offers cleanup of biohazardous wildlife waste

Squirrels in Attics - How To Get Rid Of Squirrels

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Don't let it gain access to your home. Describe your problem in detail, and I can provide an estimate. Fix the mess animals make! It's illegal in Michigan to trap without a license. We specialize in urban and suburban wildlife damage management for both residential and commercial customers. You need to hire a West Bloomfield wildlife control company that identifies 100% of the animal entry points into your building, and seals them shut with professional repairs. Safety is a concern. We are state licensed by the Michigan Fish & Wildlife Commission. Read about how to get rid of opossums.