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Platinum Wildlife Removal – Grosse Pointe, MI

Common Nuisance Wildlife Control Problems in Grosse Pointe, MI

Grosse Pointe Michigan Animal Trappers

Animal Proofing And Raccoon Damage Repair

Wildlife Removal Service in Grosse Pointe
  • Wildlife Damage Repair: Roof Damage, Drywall Replacement, Insulation Restoration & Attic Clean Outs

  • Animal Feces Removal: Parasitic Raccoon Feces, Pigeon Poop & Bat Droppings Clean Up

  • Wildlife Odor Remediation: Animal Smells Range From Dead Bodies To Bat Droppings And Skunk Odor

  • Animals On The Roof: We Remove Bats And Raccoons That Are Ready To Enter Your Attic

  • Wildlife Living Under Decks & Stoops: We Professionally Remove Skunks, Opossums, Groundhogs & Raccoons

  • Chimney Services: Following Wildlife Control, We Proof Chimneys Correctly With Animal Excluded Chimney Caps

  • Humane & Safe Wildlife Trapping: Skunk Control, Squirrel Trapping & Raccoon Removal

  • Raccoons Damage Repair To Attics: We Provide Insurance Covered Attic Clean Outs & Insulation Restoration

  • Dead Animal Removal & Carcass Location From Under Decks & Concrete Stoops

  • Bat  Control Services: We Provide Humane Bat Removal. No Bat Extermination or Bat Trapping

Do Skunks Come out During the Day?

Animal Control Removal Services

The same goes for bird droppings on or in buildings. What are the things that the average wild animal needs? A source of water, a source of food, and somewhere warm and dry to rest it's head or raise a small family. Read more about how to get rid of squirrels. Damaged attic insulation is a big problem. I have found a professional company in Lansing, Michigan that handles problems with wildlife. Don't give it a steady source of food. Fix the mess animals make! Same goes for bat or bird colonies. Platinum Wildlife Removal does both.

Raccoon Removal Services

Bee Removal

The capture and removal of nuisance animals in the home is only half of the problem. Animal carcasses are another source of odor. What are some of the most common wildlife issues that homeowners face in your area? What are some of the most common wildlife issues that homeowners face in your area? Get the problem fixed, and you will sleep better at night! We safely and humanely get rid of nuisance wildlife. Unfortunately, contrary to online information, skunks do NOT climb so putting a board in the window well will actually make the situation worse! Call today if you are in need or wildlife rehabilitation. Humane wild animal removal and control Professional Wildlife Removal Services can catch the voles and treat your property so that new ones won’t come in.