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Bat Removal Services

Animal Control Removal Services

This is particularly true of the spaces under porches, decks, and sheds. We are a private owned company and not county animal control officers. If you need help with any other wildlife conflict, from a fox, beaver, groundhog, or any other critter, we can solve it. Professional Wildlife Removal Services can catch the voles and treat your property so that new ones won’t come in. Keep up with maintenance and fill or seal holes and repair broken guttering, sidings, vents, windows, etc. We do not handle dog or cat problems. Make sure those animals can’t get back in! Leave the dirty work to us! Oakland County Animal Services or Humane Society: 313-224-6323

How to Find and Remove a Dead Skunk

Bird Nest Removal Services

Professional Wildlife Removal Services: Wildlife capture and removal is of course, an essential part of nuisance wildlife control. Make sure those animals can’t get back in! Other animals find refuge under homes or porches. This is particularly true of the spaces under porches, decks, and sheds. Safety is a concern. We are state licensed by the Michigan Fish & Wildlife Commission. Then all the rodents must be physically trapped and removed. They break into attics, destroy property, eat garbage, and more. Problem Bird or Bat Infestation?