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Animal Critter Removal

Platinum Wildlife Removal performs a full inspection of the home or property, and determines why the animal(s) are there, and if inside a building, how the animals got inside. Don't give it a steady source of food. We are not extermination companies, we are professional Michigan trappers of wildlife. Professional Wildlife Removal Services will go right for the target animals in the chimney. I will thoroughly treat the contaminated area with a special enzyme-based biological decontaminating agent, applied with an electric atomizer. Typically, municipal animal control services do not handle wildlife, just as we do not handle cats and dogs. We do not simply set a cage trap on the ground and hope that'll solve the animal problem. Professional Wildlife Removal Services will work with residential owners and managers of condominiums, apartment buildings, church and school grounds, etc. If you have a squirrel problem, or any other conflict with a wild animal, and live in Lansing, I am confident that this company, Platinum Wildlife Removal, is the one to call.

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Wild Animal Removal Services

But our specialty is West Bloomfield bat removal. One of the most common complaints involving nuisance wildlife is the noise they can produce in a home. Dedicated to animal pest control excellence, our staff of professionals at pest control includes biologists, zoologists, animal control officers, and anti-cruelty employees. Safety is a concern. If not removed, the colony can grow to a very large size over the years. Many of Michigan's wild animals have learned to adapt and even thrive in our homes. We Can Solve It! If it's not a squirrel, it'll be something else a bat, mouse, rat, raccoon? You need to make it difficult for the animal to get in, and taking preventative measures such as regular home inspections is what it takes. But our specialty is West Bloomfield bat removal.