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Critter Removal Cost

If the entryway to the house is not found, a new animal will take the old one’s place. Sometimes animals like opossums will live under buildings, steal pet food, raid garbage cans, etc. Typically, municipal animal control services do not handle wildlife, just as we do not handle cats and dogs. These nuisance wildlife control operators deal with conflicts between people and wildlife such as squirrels living in an attic, or raccoons digging through the trash can. LANSING BIRD REMOVAL We install preventative barriers to keep pigeons and other birds off of Michigan buildings. Invariably, these animals cause damage. Digging Lawn or Under House? Bat removal is a highly specialized task. Damaged attic insulation is a big problem.

How Much is an Attic Restoration?

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Platinum Wildlife Removal operates 24/7, so don't hesitate to call at any time to discuss your wildlife problem, and schedule an appointment for same-day or next-day service. For example some wildlife have found that attics make great places to live. This includes squirrels, raccoons, rats, mice, bats, birds, and even possums. Sometimes animals like opossums will live under buildings, steal pet food, raid garbage cans, etc. An animal has entered your house and can’t get out. Damaged insulation is considered structural damage and is usually covered by quality home insurance providers. If you are in an emergency situation, I can come at any time, day or night, as quickly as possible. Platinum Wildlife Removal also provides dead animal removal in West Bloomfield. A couple of times per year, have a good once-over of your home and be critical about it too.