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We look forward to hearing from you! There is no free West Bloomfield animal control for wildlife issues. All animals (including rodents) are trapped and removed, or if possible, removed from the building using special exclusion devices. Many of Michigan's wild animals have learned to adapt and even thrive in our homes. When hiring a company to solve your wild animal problem, you want these features: West Bloomfield wildlife trapping it's not as simple as it may seem. This may be getting raccoons out of the attic, trapping groundhogs, or providing mouse control. Remove unwanted smell caused by uninvited animals! This Michigan animal control directory lists the phone numbers of professional wildlife removal experts throughout MI.

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Eliminate all moles, and stop them from coming back! Their excrement is a primary source of odor problems, and often quite noticeable if an animal has taken up residence somewhere in your home. I therefore recommend a company called Platinum Wildlife Removal which services Lansing, Michigan. Fully Michigan and Oakland County licensed and insured Platinum Wildlife Removal is a family owned and locally operated wildlife control and pest control company servicing West Bloomfield and all of Oakland County. We specialize in urban and suburban wildlife damage management for both residential and commercial customers. We do not handle dog or cat problems. Install heavy gauge wire mesh around perimeter of deck (and into the ground). Yes, you can call us 24/7.