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Clinton County Michigan

The Clinton County Historical Society was founded in 1974, as an off-shoot of the Bicentennial interest in local history. An immediate ancestor of this Society, the Clinton County Pioneer Society, was disbanded in the 1930s.

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The Society was arranged with Robert Conn as chairman and Hila Bross as secretary pro tem. By 1980, the company had grown to over 200 members.
Clinton County is included in the Lansing-East Lansing, MI Metropolitan Statistical Area.
The constitution has been adopted in April of 1974. The first officers were: Douglas Carpenter, president; Robert Barnes Faye Hanson Jan Seperic and John Rumbaugh, treasurer. The Society’s first activities centered around the “I Had Here in 1876” signals that were purchased by those who had houses or buildings at the very least a century old. The History of Shiawassee and Clinton Counties was also reprinted. The genealogists help large numbers of people research and write about their Clinton County ancestors. An archive is maintained in DeWitt Township.
Clinton County is a county in the U.S. state of Michigan. As the 2010 census, the population was 75,382, of. The county organized in 1839 and was made in 1831. It is named after early politician DeWitt Clinton.
Perhaps the most visible project of the Society to date is that the Paine-Gillam-Scott Museum located just west of the Clinton County Courthouse. One of the house museums in the area, this attraction truly is now a component of the community with tens of thousands of visitors coming to the memorial for special events and also to see and browse displays that are changing. The Yearly Victorian Christmas is a highlight of this season in St. Johns.