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Wildlife Removal Services

If you find that you have wildlife living in your basement, attic or other areas of your home, you may wish to call wildlife removal services. These services will come to your home and safely remove the wildlife.

Many forms of wildlife are on the endangered species list and you can’t simply trap and kill them. They must be relocated to a new area. For most wildlife, this means at least 10 or more miles from your location.

Bats, however, can be relocated to bat houses that you set up in your yard or trees near your yard. Bat houses are designed to look like a birdhouse condominium would look. They have four to six “houses” per unit and there is an opening in the bottom of the bat house that they enter into. They then fly up and can rest on perches that are designed to mimic rafters or high locations in an attic area.

This keeps the bats in your area where each individual bat will consume as many as 3000 insects per day. This will help cut down on the insects that are pestering you and help keep your yard insect free.

The removal services will determine which type of wildlife are residing in your home and design a plan to capture them and relocate them. After the wildlife has been removed you’ll want to make sure that all of them are gone. There may be a nest with babies in it so be sure to check for nests and babies before they leave. Most removalists will do this for you so you won’t have to worry about it.

Once the wildlife is gone you’ll want to make sure to seal off all potential entries into your home. You can do this by using a spray foam sealant on all cracks and crevices. Also, be sure to seal off any small holes. Bats, for example, can enter through a hole as small as a quarter.

Larger holes and entries can be sealed off by nailing a board over the opening and making sure to seal it off completely. It may take a few days to find all of the potential entries.

Be sure that you look from the inside as well as the outside. Inside you’ll see telltale signs of their entry because there will be oily stains that are fecal matter and hair where they squeezed into your home.

Be sure that you also clean up any droppings. These can have harmful fungi and bacteria that can make you and your family ill. Wear a mask when you do this to ensure that you’re not inhaling this potentially harmful fungi. It can cause serious respiratory issues.

Remove any flooring or wallboards that are damaged and replace them as soon as possible to ensure that the fungi doesn’t spread farther in your home. Wildlife removal services can be located by calling your local business directory, your local park rangers or your city business registry list.

Can Bats Swim When They Need To?

Bats are very interesting creatures and they can do all sorts of things. They hunt insects without seeing and they can fly and crawl. They can also start to build a colony in your attic and when they do, you are going to end up with problems because they can create a lot of droppings that can harbor parasites and bacteria. Read on to learn can bats swim and why you should have them removed from your attic.

Bats don’t always cause problems, but when they do, the problems can be serious. Bats carry rabies and if you get bit by a bat that has rabies, you could get very sick. It is even possible to die from rabies. Bats also produce a lot of guano and these droppings can cause a lot of problems and even be dangerous because they breed parasites and bacteria.

If you come into contact with the droppings you can get sick and your pets can also get sick as well. These droppings are dangerous and you don’t want to come into contact with them. If you see a lot of droppings outside of your house you know that you have a bat problem. The droppings can also start to build up in the attic and they can eventually cause the ceiling to drop out and you could end up with serious damage to your house.

If you have a pool, you might see a bat swimming in it to catch a bug, but they only come out at dusk since they are nocturnal. You won’t see the bats coming out during the day. If you do see a bat during the day it is likely that it has rabies. Now that you know can bats swim when they need to, you can look for them.

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