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5 Reasons to Use a Wildlife Trapping Service

Are there critters in your home you want to get rid of? This can prove to be an annoying problem, especially if your unwanted guests start to wreak havoc on your property. While it’s tempting to set up DIY traps in an attempt to fix the problem yourself, you need to remember that these traps can do more harm than good. Regardless of the scope of damage these critters cause, it’s important to eradicate them in a humane manner. This is why it pays to use a professional wildlife trapping service to get the job done.

1) Human Removal

The only thing you might be thinking of right now is how to remove the animals from your home. However, it’s worth considering where you’d release them as well. By using professional wildlife removal services, you can rest assured that the experts can remove the animals and bring them to their rightful habitat. The most reputable service providers do not use poison traps or anything that causes serious harm to the animals. Instead, humane traps are used which get the job done without putting the animals in grave danger.

2) Job Done Right

Many homeowners think that removing wildlife from their property is as simple as mustering up courage and being resourceful with the tools available at home. But there are critters that prove to be difficult to deal with such as squirrels and raccoons. In most cases, removal of these animals requires climbing up trees and reaching into narrow spaces. You might find yourself suffering from body pain after a few futile attempts at wildlife removal. Professionals, meanwhile, know how to lure in animals to make the process a whole lot easier.

3) Save Time

If you have tried keeping track of where the unwanted animals set up camp, there’s a good chance that you still have no idea where to look after several days. You don’t want to proceed with the hunt, as you only increase the chances of causing more damage to your property. Wildlife removal specialists are knowledgeable about locating animals. They look for telltale signs that allow them to pinpoint where the animals live.

4) Prevent Future Infestations

Nothing proves more frustrating than getting rid of critters and then finding them again after just a couple of weeks. Remember that these tiny animals are incredibly resilient. They can enter your home by slipping through the smallest of crevices. Professionals know how to patch up these entry points to minimize future infestations.

5) Proper Sanitation

Another important reason to use a wildlife trapping service is to ensure that the home is safe after the removal process. As you probably know, animals can carry diseases such as rabies. The last thing you want is to remove these animals without any regard to the harm they bring to your family’s health. Wildlife trapping experts have the requisite cleaning tools to clean up your home and make sure that nobody contracts an illness from these pesky critters.

Do Bats Fly Fast – Faster Than You’d Expect!

To many, bats are strange creatures. They prove to be elusive, choosing to make their presence known during the night. Bats also reside in caves, making them even more unfamiliar to us. Often seen in horror movies, bats may look as if they’re not the fastest while in flight, which begs the question: do bats fly fast? You’d be surprised after finding out just how fast they truly are.

According to a recent study, Mexican free-tailed bats reach an astonishing speed of 99 mph. If you’ve ever driven your car to the same speed, then you know that this is mind-bogglingly fast! In fact, bats can fly faster than virtually any other flying mammal. While they are not often linked with speed, bats can match up against pretty much any bird.

What’s interesting to note, however, is that bats cannot sustain this speed for an extended period. Their body doesn’t work the same as your car engine. Flying this fast requires a boatload of energy, which explains why bats can only fly so fast for a short period. The mere act of flying is already energy intensive, but the energy requirements increases twofold at very high speeds.

The Mexican free-tailed bats are also fast because of their unique anatomy. They have long, narrow wings which carry their small bodies. It’s safe to say that these creatures are built for speed. They have evolved over the years, increasing their flight speed to catch prey and avoid predators at the same time. It’s difficult to imagine any animal catching one of these bats.

Now, you know what to tell when somebody asks do bats fly fast. Share this interesting trivia and expect to see a face of astonishment from other people. Surely, you wouldn’t look at bats in the same way ever again.


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