Squirrel Removal


Squirrel removal is typically limited to squirrels that have gotten into a home, garage or shed and decided to nest. Squirrels in the midwest area have 2 litters of young and during these 2 times of the year, squirrel removal is most needed as the amount of activity is alerting and sometimes bothersome. Depending on the time of the year, babies may need to be found and manually removed by hand if they are too young to be trapped.

Squirrel Trapping

Squirrel trapping is the most typical means of squirrel control. Squirrel trapping can range from humane live trapping to lethal measures in emergency situations where needed. Baited humane traps are very effective and can take from a day to a week to fully remove a squirrel problem depending on if there is a solitary squirrel taking up residence or an entire colony. A typical size squirrel colony is 3-5 squirrels, however they have been known to be quite larger if the colony has been in the dwelling for quite some time.

Squirrel Exclusion

Squirrel exclusion is spoken of in a couple ways. Some refer to squirrel exclusion work as squirrel proofing areas to exclude squirrels from future entry. This is also referred to as animal proofing or squirrel proofing. Squirrel exclusion can also be referred to a squirrel excluder being placed over the entry point, allowing the squirrels to exit the device, yet not reenter.

Squirrel exclusion is always necessary as a vacant den site with no squirrels present to defend it will always attract squirrels that are looking for a place to den. The residual odors and smells from left over urine, hair, feces and even blood will attract new squirrels within days to weeks. To prevent this from happening odor removal and squirrel exclusion is a must.

Squirrel excluders also have their place, however are only used in instances where trapping is not a viable option. If weather conditions do not permit trapping, the area or angle is not safely accessible or will not support a trap or the homeowner simply doesn’t want the animals trapped, a squirrel excluder can be placed so that no squirrels are physically captured or handled.

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