Bats in the Summer

Female bats have their young in mid to late spring and by the summer they are able to fly independently and hunt. By August, all of the juveniles will be flying and hunting without the help of their mothers. They are often seen flying around the roost in August, and sometimes late July. This is also the busiest time of year for professional removal services because this is a time when many people are noticing their infestation problems and want to get them dealt with.

Why do it in the summer?

Summertime is an active time for not just people, but bats as well. Bats are insectivores that feed on flying insects like wasps, flies, beetles, and dragonflies. This is one reason why people see them flying in such erratic flight pattern because they are on the hunt and going after these bugs. The bat colonies are actively feeding this time of year in order to gain the amount of fat and weight they are going to need to be able to survive the winter hibernation.

It is also a good time for people to be able to observe their movements and activity around their home. If they see bats flying over or around the home often, it is a good indicator that there is a colony somewhere nearby. It could be in your attic or walls if you see them landing on the structure. A “bat detector” is a good investment to make if bats are often a problem. These detectors will allow people to be able to pick up their echolocation frequency and pinpoint where they are inside the home.

Why will they enter a home in the summer?

If they do make their way into a home in the summer, it has been done by accident. It is likely that they were trying to enter the attic in order to roost for the day. It is safe to say, that if a person encounters bats in a home regularly, the bats consider that structure a safe roosting site and they are using it whenever they need to. If you find them regularly or believe they are in the attic, an exclusion plan will need to be put in place in order to get them out and keep them out.

Don’t wait to implement exclusion

The summer is the perfect time to implement exclusion. A home or building owner will not want to wait until winter because the bats are inactive, and they are not going to be actively entering and exiting the structure. If a bat infestation is left, once winter comes, the owner will have to wait until the bats become active again in the springtime for the exclusion plan to be put into effect and for it to be effective.

Bats are a necessary part of the ecosystems of the world. They are important in making sure that the insect populations do not become too out of control. They are the kind of animals that people want to have in their yards, so they are not overrun with mosquitoes, but they do not want them in their homes.


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