Bat Bugs

Bat bugs are ectoparasites that, as their name suggests, are commonly found on specific species of bats. They are a parasite that is closely related to bed bugs. Bats are their primary hosts, but they will look for other animal hosts if there are no bats to be found for a food source. They are an oval-shaped bug that is flattened before they have had a feeding session. They are a brown color and will become red after they have gorged themselves on the blood of their host animal.

Where are bat bugs found?

As said before, they are a parasite that prefers to feed on bats. They are commonly found within the roosting sites of bats. This can include attics, garages, inside walls, and cellars when these areas of a home have been chosen by a bat to live in. They will be left behind in the home if the bats have made their way out or the bats have been removed.

What do they feed on?

Like most ectoparasites, they solely feed on the blood of their chosen host animal. Many times, it is the young bats who have not learned to fly yet that are most commonly infested with these parasites. The action of flying limits the interaction between these bugs and adult bats. They can take hold on adult bats during their hibernation periods as well.

What are the signs of a bat bug problem?

The first condition that could indicate the presence of bat bugs is that there is or recently was a bat infestation problem in some area of a home. These bugs are going to be located in or near the roosting site of the bats. They are going to live in these areas but will make their way to other areas of the house, if there are no bats to feed on, in order to find other sources of blood. Once they have fed, whether it is on people or pets, they will return back to their areas of the home where they came from (attic, cellar, garage).

These bugs will leave physical signs of their presence as well. The first will be the actual bites that people can experience. These bats can cause skin irritation and possible allergic reactions in people. If the bits are scratched open, they can also become infected as well. It is important to remember that these parasites do not spread any known serious disease or illness to people.

How can people prevent bat bugs in their homes?

The best way to prevent a bat bug problem is to prevent an infestation of bats or to deal with one as quickly as possible. Local professionals are able to help with this in a way that will be successful, and they are also going to be able to account for all angles that come with a bat infestation. The best way to keep bats out is through a well-planned out exclusion process and good weatherproofing around the home. If a bat infestation has occurred, the mess they leave behind in the area(s) in which they were roosting needs to be cleaned up properly. These are the types of things that a local professional will be able to assist with to make sure that no mess or parasites are left behind once the bats are gone.


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