The Rochester Hills Museum: A Time Gate into the Past

1005 Van Hoosen Rd, Rochester, MI 48307 Have you ever been to Rochester Hills, MI? This is an interesting town, located in the state of Michigan on the northeast side of Oakland County. The city with its long history of Potawatomi (an Indian ethnic) is surrounded by waters full of fish; Paint Creek and the Clinton River. In 1817, James Graham, the first white settler in the area, led his family to build the first white settlement. Over time, the Rochester Hills area was designated as a village and then a municipality. Its status of a new city was obtained in modern era, exactly on November 20, 1984, just 33 years ago.

The city, with its long history, has unique characteristics that are reflected by various tourist attractions. Some of the best known are Rochester Hills City Center, Classic Lanes, Riverbend Park, Epic Church, and the most monumental one, the Rochester Hills Michigan Museum. Why? This museum is the best place for everyone who wants to collect every piece of history from the Rochester Hills area. This is the place for everyone who wants to do déjà vu to what happened in this area in the past.

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The future of Rochester Hills is determined by its past and to understand the starting point of Rochester Hills population, understanding Rochester Hills Michigan Museum Information and History is a must. Set within a 16-hectare complex, this museum is striking among the many spots in Rochester Hills. Geographically, the museum is located in Stoney Creek Village and at a glance; the museum building is not much different from the houses around it. Based on history, this museum is a former home of the Taylor family and Van Hoosen. They were a kind of “local aristocrat” who came to power in the early 17th century. Not only comes from two ancient houses, the museum also includes a former warehouse area so as to be able to “perfectly tell” about the history of the early settlements in Rochester Hills which at one time were dominated by dairy farms. To adapt to the modern style, the museum has provided vloggers with opportunities to record their live activities.

This is a haven for them and Van Hoosen Farm is the perfect place for “time gates” into the past. You can take your own video and tour orientation. Van Hoosen’s family life in the past is the best bridge for visitors to return to the past. In an effort to create nostalgia, this museum goes further than other museums. Rochester Hills Michigan Museum regularly hosts summer camps filled with camping activities.

The camping activities are very unique. They are directed to explore the childhood of Bertha Van Hoosen in the past. For info, Bertha is the daughter of the Van Hoosen family. Not just her childhood, visitors can also learn about what ancient people of Rochester Hills did in their daily lives. For classic music lovers, the Rochester Hills Michigan Museum is one of the finest places. This amazing museum also provides at its Children’s Garden, the strains of classical music in the middle of an ancient garden. As for learning, this museum provides the Smart City which provides a series of unique programs to make visitors know certain parts of history in the 17th century. As a museum, the place is “too complete”, providing learning packed through various attractions. Rochester Hills Museum Directions To Platinum Wildlife Removal

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