Rochester Hills Michigan


Located on the outskirts of Metropolitan Detroit, and neighboring the city of Troy, the small city of Rochester Hills has a population of around 70,995 citizens ( 2010 Census ) and an area of roughly 32.2 square miles. The city, although small, offers up a surprising amount of diversity ,with a large population of Asian, African American and Native American citizens, with Caucasian being the prominent racial make up.

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Founded in 1817 by European settler James Graham, the town was previous occupied by a largely Native American populace, thus explaining the large aboriginal presence in the city to this day. The city offers education for children ages five to eighteen ( Pre School – High school completion) , but offers no secondary education options. Rochester Hills Michigan is well renowned for it’s collections of beautiful natural parks, such as Bloomer Park, Yates Park and Thelma G. Spencer park.

Historical Attractions

The city also offers up some historical attractions, namely Rochester Hills MI Museum at Van Hoosen Farm and Meadow Brook Hall. These sites offer up plenty of family friendly activities such as picnics in the park, an educational day at the museum or a tour at the Meadow Brook Hall. Rochester Hills is a perfect place to spend a quiet day hiking in the woods, or simply browsing the busy metropolitan streets.

Famous Residents

Worth mentioning is some of Rochester most famous residents – From baseball players to Pop sensations, Rochester has produced some of the worlds most famous names. Madonna, known for her outrageous behavior and stunning voice, once called Rochester Hills home. Rapper Eminem currently calls Rochester home. The city is not a stranger to sports world either. Former NFL players Eric Fisher and George Jamison and NASCAR drivers Bob and Brad Keselowski have all called the city home at one point in their lives. It’s clear that the city is not lacking in talent.




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