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Platinum Wildlife Removal South Rockwood, Michigan

Common Nuisance Wildlife Control Problems in South Rockwood, MI

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Skunk Trapping and Removal

Wild Animal Removal Services

ANIMALS IN ATTICS If you have wildlife in the attic, we enter the attic and identify the animal(s), any damage they have caused, and remove them there, if possible. There are good companies and bad companies out there. A single mole can litter your yard with tunnels. The goal is not to eliminate every animal in the neighborhood, just the target ones causing you the headaches. If you are in an emergency situation, I can come at any time, day or night, as quickly as possible. Make sure your land is for humans only! Be aware that all rodents chew -including electrical wiresa potential fire hazard. Animals can do a surprising amount of damage to your home. Trap type is very important and there are many different types, bait is somewhat relevant, trap placement is vital, and there are dozens of small things that are very important to know.

Bat Control, Removal & Exclusion

Free Animal Removal Services

We perform West Bloomfield pigeon removal and bird control. I can identify the source of animal odors, and eliminate both the current source of the odor (for example, excrement removal) and the underlying cause (the animal’s entry into your home). We offer West Bloomfield raccoon removal. The bat droppings are often corrosive and cause health risks. Our MI animal control experts can handle many wildlife issues. These nuisance wildlife control operators deal with conflicts between people and wildlife such as squirrels living in an attic, or raccoons digging through the trash can. Professional Wildlife Removal Services will go right for the target animals in the chimney. They possess licensing that allows them to do certain types of work legally, that non-licensed homeowners in the state of Michigan are not allowed to do. Platinum Wildlife Removal also provides a full range of pest control services for West Bloomfield: bed bug inspections and treatments, spraying for yellow jackets, general pest applications for spiders, earwigs, and other occasional invaders; honey bees extraction, bald faced hornet hive removal, and much more.