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We are state licensed by the Michigan Fish & Wildlife Commission. White-tailed deer feed on gardens and flower beds, leaving behind trampled and shredded plants. This Michigan animal control directory lists the phone numbers of professional wildlife removal experts throughout MI. Platinum Wildlife Removal is a full-service West Bloomfield wildlife removal company. Fix the mess animals make! We offer nuisance animal control solutions done the right way. Make sure those animals can’t get back in! Other animals find refuge under homes or porches. This work may be covered by homeowners insurance.

What if a Skunk Got Inside My House?

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If your city is not on our map, consult your local blue pages. They break into attics, destroy property, eat garbage, and more. Fall, Winter, and Spring we deal mostly with squirrels, birds and raccoons. Inspect attic for animal sign, take appropriate trapping measures, and fix the entry points. We safely and humanely get rid of nuisance wildlife. Skunks can really cause havoc at a home. The digging can leave huge mounds of dirt, unbearable smell and if they are looking for grubs, destroyed lawns. Opossums do not typically cause issues but at times find themselves in another animals den and can be seen as a pest. Squirrels have 2 litters of young per year and this causes 2 big waves of intrusion into homes yearly. Squirrels can easily enter attic fans and vents by simply pushing aside the light screen that they come equipped with. Birds are also a problem and bird control is necessary when large accumulation of nests are found in an attic. Usually dead birds are found with this nesting material. Are raccoons climbing on to your roof? Raccoons on a roof always mean trouble. A raccoon can tear though a roof in minutes. Along with the obvious problem of a raccoon living in your attic, the opening will also allow water to come in causing mold and water damage to your home. Aside from the damage raccoons cause, their feces is also toxic and full of parasites. We know how to get rid of raccoons and know how to keep raccoons out of your home for good. All of our raccoon control measures are guaranteed against the entry of future raccoons trying to move in. For raccoon damages to the attic, we work with your insurance company to have these costs covered. We perform West Bloomfield pigeon removal and bird control. I have found a professional company in Lansing, Michigan that handles problems with wildlife.