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  • What if a Skunk Got Inside My House?

  • Squirrels Stealing Bird Seed

  • Do Skunks Attack Pets?

  • What Equipment is Needed to Trap a Skunk?

  • How to Use One-way Exclusion Funnels to Remove Skunks

  • Skunk Reproduction

  • Prevention Of Squirrel Infestations

  • Preventing Nuisance Squirrel Damage to Homes

  • Bat Removal and Prevention

  • How Much is a Bat Exclusion?

Signs of a Squirrel Infestation

Best Way To Get Rid Of Squirrels In Attic

First off, the most important thing is that all the openings that rats and mice can use to enter a house be sealed. Skunks present a whole other dimension in odor problems. In addition, in many cases animals have left waste or contamination behind, and you'll want a company that can provide professional cleaning services. Our MI animal control experts can handle many wildlife issues. Most animals require the slightest of gaps to break in. They break into attics, destroy property, eat garbage, and more. Read more about how to get rid of squirrels. Bats love attics. This may be getting raccoons out of the attic, trapping groundhogs, or providing mouse control.

Types of Squirrels

How Much Does Raccoon Removal Cost

Some nuisance wildlife situations can be classified as emergencies. Bats love attics. Specializes in wildlife removal, not pest control A single mole can litter your yard with tunnels. Certain animals may spend their time crawling around (and doing other things) in their newfound home (your attic, soffits, walls, garage, etc. If you need assistance with a domestic animal, such as a dog or a cat, you need to call your local Michigan county animal services or SPCA for assistance. Professional Wildlife Removal Services will go right for the target animals in the chimney. We perform dead animal removal, removal of Michigan snakes, mole trapping, and more. ATTIC CLEANUP When necessary, we thoroughly clean and decontaminate your attic, to prevent mold, pathogens, and odors.